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Infertility Patients Testimony
(Her Son Tom William Burnett was born in 15th November 2007)

May 2008

I first came to see Qing in October 2006 after my friend recommended her treatment to me. My friend put me in touch with Qing after hearing of her successful fertility treatment.I had been going through IVF treatment since February 2005, 2 out of 5 treatments

had lead to positive pregnancy test however sadly in October 2005 I had a stillborn baby at 6 months and then in June 2006 had a miscarriage at 3 months.At this point I felt totally exhausted, both physically and mentally, and started to have continuous night sweats with irregular period, I thought that I was starting to go through the menopause early at 38!! I knew I need to relax but could not seem to.

At my first treatment Qing prescribed Chinese herbs and gave me acupuncture. The next day is was like some one had given me a new body- the tiredness had gone overnight. Within 3 months I started to get back to my pre pregnancy state, I continued with the treatment weekly and then went to IVF supported by acupuncture in February 2007. Having gone through the stresses of IVF 5 times previously I knew what to expect however this time I felt so much calmer and I definitely put this down to the acupuncture. I found out I was pregnant in March, a couple of day before I took the pregnancy test Qing took my pause and said she did not want to get me excited but my pause was showing positive signs of being pregnant. Throughout my pregnancy I continued to see Qing weekly which kept me relaxed especially due to nervousness about had happened previously.

My beautiful daughter Isabella was born on 26th November 2007 weighing 7 Ib 8oz. It is hard to explain to anyone who has not gone through the same scenario but I know that without Qing treatment and support I would not have been able to make my dream come true of having a family of my own. Qing will always have a special place in my heart. My thanks to you Qing. If anyone is reading this and having fertility issues please try this treatment, I am sure it will work for you too!
Susan Crofts
A very happy mummy!
  I first visit Qing in November2003 after trying to receive with infertility treatment for 4 years, I had 4 miscarriage . My infertility problems stemmed from no period due to my pituitary gland not working, ( thus no ovulations was occur . ) I was very depressed. After only one treatment of acupuncture I felt pregnant and now have a beautiful daughter . Acupuncture has been a real turning point in my life.
Now I come back for more acupuncture treatment for infertility, I hope that miracle work again.
A Duncan
Nov 2004
(She has beautiful twines baby boy one year later)
I came to see John October 2003 for a hormonal unbalance and irregular period .This had led to infertility which I had to accept following two miscarriage. However , after 3 treatments from John and much to my surprise- at the age of 39 I became pregnant again. This time the pregnant progressed and I now have a lovely son. John is now helping me with rebalance my general health. I can not recommend him highly enough.
S Andrews
Dec 2004
My husband and I had trying to conceive for nearly four years without success, in 2004 we decided to try a course of IVF but we skeptical about the success rate, we had however heard that acupuncture increased the chance of success so we decided to ask Qing for help IVF. Qing worked with us and even saw on the morning of the final treatment. The IVF worked first time, and we have no doubt this is because of Qing, we don't know anybody else who has had a first time success without Acupuncture .
Baby now is only 10 weeks away and all is progressing well with pregnancy.
Qing and John are great and we are very appreciate of their help, Thank you very much!
My name is Deddie, and I came to see Qing 4 weeks ago due to infertility. I was told by my G.P and consultant that I only had a 10 % chance of conceive through IVF, Imagine my surprise when I conceived naturally. I strongly believe that Qing and acupuncture has help, as it made me relaxed and less stressed.
I have a way to go before I see the end result of a baby, and I will continue to see Qing who truly a miracle. worker
2en November 2006
Mrs Noor Othman 22/8/2002

I have wanted to conceive since I got married that was since July 2002. I have learned about timed intercourse and ways of taking charge of my fertility. I have been doing wake up body temperature charting and found out I ovulated every month, at least during all 4 cycles of charting. Yet I still wasn't pregnant. Then, along with acupuncture for my back pain due to a slip and fall, I have asked Mrs Qing's advice on conceiving and she gave me Chinese herbs to take. It just so happened that it was the beginning of a cycle. So I took the herbs for one cycle and at the end of that cycle I found out I was pregnant. So, a month on herbs has helped me to conceive. Just thanks to her for bringing the medicine here, and helping me to conceive.

Paula Price 9/12/2002

I came for acupuncture after nearly four years of trying for a baby. I was told in october 2001 that I would need to have IVF to get pregnant. I had two previous IVF attempts before starting acupuncture. On my last go in November I was delighted to find that I was pregnant! The acupuncture and herbs definitely helped me as everything went so much better on my last attempt and I also felt so much less stress. I am still having acupuncture until I get past the 12 week mark to ensure everything is ok and I feel so much better knowing Qing is looking after me. I would recommend acupuncture for any problem you have. Thanks to Qing my dreams have come true

My name is Deddie, and I came to see Qing 4 weeks ago due to infertility. I was told by my G.P and consultant that I only had a 10 % chance of conceive through IVF, Imagine my surprise when I conceived naturally. I strongly believe that Qing and acupuncture has help, as it made me relaxed and less stressed. I have a way to go before I see the end result of a baby, and I will continue to see Qing who truly a miracle. worker

2en November 2006

I came to the Clinic three weeks ago to see if I could get help with a rash on my face which I thought was caused my a hormones unbalanced I also suffered with very bad periods and had been trying for a baby for three years. I was given some herbs on my first visit and a different recipe the following two weeks. Three weeks after my initial visit I have just found out I am pregnant. I could not believe the treatment has had so much success.

Thank you so much!
Lucy 6-12-03

In my early thirties I began to experience a more frequent and erratic menstrual cycle. A friend recommended acupuncture , praising the numerous benefits from having it, and because I wanted to begin trying for a family, I decided to give it a try.
I found Qing and John's practice quite and relaxing, she did all she could to relax and put me at ease. The effects were almost immediate and I began to notice, at first, small changes, a couple of small warts cleared from my stomach my eyes were bright and my skin glowed. My period stopped at first for nine weeks and then when it did return the cycle became more and more regulated. I felt an overall wellness in my life.. with more energy and less mood swings especially around the time my period was due. In fact PMT was completely eradicated and I no longer experienced tender breasts or bloated-ness and my period was less painful. Once I began trying for a baby it took three months to conceive and I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.
During the first couple of years after giving birth I developed a couple of cysts on my right ovary. One of these burst and cause a tremendous amount of pain and I felt extremely unwell. I follow up with all the normal medicine procedures by going to the Doctor and being referred to a specialist. They found another cyst and because my period had become again too frequent and erratic, they suggested I wasn't ovulating. I decided to return to Qing for more acupuncture . After some initial pain , when she placed a needle in the area of the affected ovary, I again began to witness improvement, not only in there being reduced pain , but also the regulation of my cycle. Also on my return to the specialist to view the other cyst I was pleased to find it had gone and both ovary were clear. I decided to try for another baby and to my surprise was immediately successful and completely overjoyed. Falling pregnant a second time and giving birth to a second baby. I felt extremely happy with my family and very much aware of the impact acupuncture had played in healing my body.
A year after my second child was born and after I had finished breastfeeding , my period just stopped. A couple of months later I began to experience hot flushes so made an appointment with my GP. After a few routine test my GP painted a very grim picture. My hormones were very low and that meant I was pre-menopausal. Again I return to Qing for acupuncture and once again the results were successful. The hot flushes ceased and my period return.
To sum things up I have nothing but positive things to say about acupuncture and would recommend it to everyone. Although I have normally attended sessions for particular reasons. I notice benefits in my whole body, health and being.
Diana Doyle

Manor Farm
Teffont Magna

28th December 2007

Dear Qing

Thank you very much for bringing such happiness into our lives.
After several years of trying for a baby and numerous miscarriages later, Edward and I were beginning to think there was little hope of us having another child. This was combined with 14 years of ill health manifesting itself in tiredness, depression and stomach problems.

After so many years I'd forgotten what it was like to wake up in the morning and look forward to the day ahead. I tried western medicine but with nothing tangible other than a range of symptoms there was little they could do. I also tried a wide range of complimentary medicine which certainly helped but never really got to the root of the problem.

It was thanks to Maggie Maule, an excellent reflexologist who put me in
contact with Qing. I was skeptical when I first began treatment thinking "here we go again" but feeling desperate and having run out of options I decided I had nothing to lose. I saw Qing always once and often twice a week. I took the herbal remedies and within 3 months I felt like a new person. I had an energy I could only have dreamed about. The negative feelings and lackluster for life were minimal and 3 weeks later I learnt that I was pregnant.

We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for us. We now have 2 healthy, wonderful children and I feel privileged to be able to see you in order to maintain this wellbeing. I'm only sorry we don't live closer!

With fondest wishes

Edward and Antonia

1 September 2008

Dear John

I just wanted to let you know that after my first IVF cycle, I am pregnant!!
Thank you so much for treating me. I am sure the acupuncture helped the quality and quantity of eggs made.
I would recommend you to anyone who wishes to boost their chance of conceiving either naturally or with IVF ---- I can't thank you enough.
I hope you and your wife had a lovely 25th wedding anniversary in Beijing.
Lots of love

Jayne x. x.

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