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Herbal Medicine and Aucpuncture Southampton


Helen was 10 years old when we noticed a small sore patch on the back of her head. At the time it was treated with mild antiseptic cream which did not seam to touch it. As it was under her thick hair the problem was ignored for a while assuming that it would disappear on its own. But it grew and spread out the next 9 years regardless of numerous trips to the general practitioner who prescribed strong steroid creams, lotions and shampoos.

Helen's scalp became completely covered across the back & head from ear to ear with Psoriasis, which is a thick white scaly crust, causing her great discomfort and distress. So it was as a last resort that we fell upon Dr Qing Zhang in the Yellow Pages and this was the turning point. If only we had known years before what we know now. After just 3 months of an extensive course of Chinese herbs (which look beautiful but do taste & smell very bad) Helen 's scalp is now completely clear of the skin disease that has gripped her for nearly 10 years . We are so grateful to Dr Qing for her shill and knowledge and gentle care and as a family we intend to use her expertise in the future.

Louise Avory (a very grateful parent)

Jane (Fungal infection)

Having been told by my doctor that I had a fungal infection, which covered half of my neck as well as my chin and side of cheeks. I was left feeling totally depressed, . A mother at my son抯 school suggested that I visit John Zhang and within weeks of taking herbs, the redness disappeared ( I was told by my doctor it would not go for about 12-18 month!!) Now about 1 and half month later I am completely clear of my body. A huge thank you!( I will be also visiting my GP again so that he can see for himself how this horrible infection has gone.)

Thank you so much!

Christopher Smith

I first went to the Centre for Chinese Medicine for an ongoing shoulder complaint. After 18 months of on/off pain I found tablets no longer working. I phoned and made and appointment with doctor Zhang. After one session it felt as though I never had a problem.

About six weeks later I hurt my back at work lifting something heavy. After being sent home I couldn't move and it brought tears to my eyes. I had to crawl to the telephone and phone Dr Zhang to see if she could help me. When I saw her I couldn't even sit down properly. After an hour or so I walked out with very little back pain and I was back at work within 2 days. so what does it invlove - a very skilled person with a number of small needles placed in certain areas of the body. They are then connected to a machine which causes the muscles to pulse in the affected area and then heat is also put through the needles to warm the muscles. To finish the treatment off ultrasound is used to relax the inflamed area.

I would certainly recommend it to anyone with any muscular problem. No doubt I will be seeing Dr Zhang in the future with other problems.

Try it, you never know.


For many years I have been interested in complimentary medicine, Homeopathic, Herbal, Aromatherapy and Chinese Medicine. \par \par Some month ago I was, I thought, suffering from flu. After two or three days in bed I was feeling considerably worse with pain in the back and a urinary infection. After speaking to my Doctor on the telephone I was given a course of ant ibiotics which deal with the pain but left me feeling very unwell. My doctor arranged for me to have an x-ray and scan, but as this was to be several weeks away and I was still getting worse I decide to try and help myself and seek an alternative practitioner.

In the Yellow Pages Directory I found Qing Zhang, I was able to make an appointment for two days later and this happened to be a turning point foe me both physically and mentally. With a further four appointments using acupuncture and herbal medicine I regained my health. By the time of my hospital appointment I was feeling fine and nothing showed on the scan.

Also on the advice of Dr Qing Zhang I have started a course of Tai Chi which I am enjoying very much and finding very beneficial.

Maxine Baker (Cystitis)

When I decided to go for acupuncture, eight years ago, I was literally ready to commit suicide. This was a last ditch effort to regain normal health. For a year I had suffered with cystitis, quite a common complaint among women, but because mine recurred so often and I had a history of bladder problems, I had to undergo investigation in hospital-one of which left me quite ill.
I had been sighed off work for weeks because the cystitis had become chronic and every morning I woke up thinking that today would be better but the pain was still there and going to toilet had becoming a nightmare - not a relief!

My mother and my boyfriend (now husband) both discovered acupuncture within a day of each other! My mum saw an article in a newspaper and my husband's work colleague mentioned that he used acupuncture to my husband. Well this was it, I wasn't sure what it was all about but I had to do something be cause I was desperate.

I saw Qing, who made me feel very relaxed and happy in a way no doctor I had seen in the past year had. She took my pulse, gave me a form to fill out, asked me lots of questions and then put the needled in. I didn't know whether to expect a diminishing of pain straight away, but I know I left there feeling calmer and more relaxed than I had done in a long time!

The next morning I woke up and there was no pain I actually jumped out of bed that morning!

Ever since then I recommend Qing to anyone who has a long-term complaint because I believe it work! The Chinese have used this for thousands of years - a long time before our own healthcare view formed.

Qing treats the body as a whole and I have learned a lot about the way my body functions and how organs relate to each other-even my PMT is related to my kidneys and has been successfully treated by Qing. Qing has been able to bring me up to normal health and I feel I have a lot to thank her for - I lead a normal life: I have produced two massi ve babies, (now health children) which would not I have been possible without acupuncture.

Sometimes people ask me if it hurts- now I hate injections, so do you think I would have acupuncture if it was like injection? I enjoy my acupuncture sessions as the y are very relaxing and my lifestyle is quite hectic as I now run my own business as well as bring up a family, housework etc.

Another thing I have learn from acupuncture is that I now know how to look after myself, what foods can cure, and what food to avoid -depending on ailment! I have told Qing she is not allowed top retire because I don't think my quality of life would be anything like it is now!

Mrs P Carter

Several years ago I had my gall bladder removed. Afterwards I started having very bad stomach pains- so bad I passed out this went onto vomiting, never food always bile / coffee grains. This could continue for up to a week, most of the time I was unconscious and usually being admitted to hospital. And this would happen about every three weeks.

Numerous tests were carried out, usually in between the attacks when I was reasonable well; the only positive finding was inflammation in my pancreases and some abnormal blood test results.

Eventually the consultant informed me that I was a neurotic attention seeking middle-aged ¨Cthat I was bringing on these attacks myself a form of ¡® eating disorder¡¯- even though I was a lovely shade of yellow!! When I challenged this stating that this was an illness ¨C treat it ¨C I was dismissed.

Gradually the attacks become more frequent, coming every other week, I had lost a great deal of weight, nearly my job, my family had no life.

By chance I heard about Qing zhang, I went to see her. She diagnoses my problems is my liver Chi stagnation and my Yin And Yang out of balanced. She started give me acupuncture treatment originally twice a week she even managed to witness and try to stop one of the attack. Over a period time Qing tried various treatment, she never gave up, nothing was too much trouble, eventually she managed to control my symptoms.

I still see Qing for my MOT usually at change of seasons, occasionally I have small attacks but my family and I have got our lives back.

Qing and her family have become dear friends.

Thanks Qing!

Mrs P. Carter

Miss B. B
In 1994 I developed Polymyalgia Rheumatic, and was treated with sedriods, and at the time I felt much better. I took the steroids over a period of two of three years, in numerous dosage, in this period I also took analgesic's for my joint pains. Then I suffered the side effects of these drugs. I was prescribed antacide and bimetidune; I continued this treatment until June 2000 when it seems to have little or no effect.

June 2000 I consulted Dr Qing Zhang , at that time the gastric problem was worse especially at night, and my ankle joints where very painful, hence I become very tired and lethargic.

On my first visit to Dr Qing Zhang, I was gave acupuncture for both problems, my stomach pain and joint pain, Dr Qing also gave me advice on diet.

In the first week after this treatment, I did not take any analgesics and I was feeling much better.

On my second visit treatment was the same as the first week plus I commenced herbal treatment, for the gastric problem. I have received treatment from Dr Qing Zhang for three months now, I am feeling much better, and I am not taking any analgesics or antacide since the first week treatment.

I'm very thankful to Dr Qing Zhang for her treatment and care

Bob aged 70 years (High blood pressure, arthritis)

I have had two coronary heart attacks in the past, one in 1975 aged 45 years old and one in 1983 aged 53 years. I have attended Dr Qing Zhang Chinese Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic for several years. Now my blood pressure is good and stable at age of 70 years, I enjoy good health in general, everybody say I looked very good for my age.
I first visited Dr Zhang suffering from a trapped nerve in my neck and also arthritis in my right hand.
One of my favorite hobbies is playing the electronic organ and the pain in my hand was so severe pain I could not press down the keyboard or pick anything up without feeling severe pain in my hand and lower arm.

Since receiving acupuncture treatment from Dr Zhang, my hand is free from pain and I continue to play my music with great pleasure.

I have referred several friends to seek and receive treatment from her for various ailments with great success and I have every confidence in recommending her to anyone whom I think may benefit from her examination, diagnosis and treatment.

David (high blood pressure)

After suffering severe nose bleeds resulting from high blood pressure, I decided to contact Dr Qing Zhang on the recommendation of a friend.

My blood pressure at the time was 170/110

Since then by regular visits to Dr Zhang's clinic, she has stabilized my blood pressure to average readings of 120/84

Needless to say my general health has improved with her help, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone whose health would improve as a result of her treatment.


I came to the Clinic three weeks ago to see if I could get help with a rash on my face which I thought was caused my a hormones unbalanced I also suffered with very bad periods and had been trying for a baby for three years. I was given some herbs on my first visit and a different recipe the following two weeks. Three weeks after my initial visit I have just found out I am pregnant. I could not believe the treatment has had so much success.
Thank you so much!

Lucy 6-12-03


I have only been coming to the clinic for a few weeks and the improvement has been amazing. With a wide variety of problems

That have been with me for a number of years it is so good to be getting back into how I used to be. I hope to be able to return to work before too long. The main reason I gave up work (over 1 year ago) was due to persistent migraines, some lasting three days, since my first treatment, I sleep better and my energy is gradually returning. I had no idea this would be so successful and I am so grateful. HRT did not suit me and I was living on painkillers. I have hope again and do not fell so low. I hate going to western doctors but actually look forward to these visit, knowing how much I am benefiting from them.

Paula Price 9/12/2002 (Infertility)

I came for acupuncture after nearly four years of trying for a baby. I was told in october 2001 that I would need to have IVF to get pregnant. I had two previous IVF attempts before starting acupuncture. On my last go in November I was delighted to find that I was pregnant! The acupuncture and herbs definitely helped me as everything went so much better on my last attempt and I also felt so much less stress. I am still having acupuncture until I get past the 12 week mark to ensure everything is ok and I feel so much better knowing Qing is looking after me.

I would recommend acupuncture for any problem you have. Thanks to Qing my dreams have come true.

Andrew Sims 2/9/2003 (Colitis IBS)
I have had ulcerative colitis for about 6 years, treated by steroids and
tablets. Since having acupuncture for about 10 weeks now, I feel so much
better and also taking herbal remedies I have noticed the colitis is not
so bad, the inflammation of the bowel is much settled, and I have learned
to relax and try not to get stressed out. After having acupuncture I feel
relaxed and more confidant. Also the doctor at the hospital said my
blood test results we so much better and to carry on as I have been. I
think this has greatly helped me, and I would like to say a big Thank You.

Back pain

March 2004

When I came to Qing I could hardly walk and sitting for even a short while was extremely painful. I have been on strong painkillers and physiotherapies for the last six months and continually having time of work. I first came to see Qing after Christmas , very apprehensive but pain was so bad I said I would try anything to relieve it. Qing was so calming and reassuring on my first visit , my husband had to stay to keep me calm. I was so shocked that the needles didn抰 hurt. It took a few weeks to start to relieve my pain. I am now back at work and starting  to enjoy life again and have start slowly to return to swimming and gentle exercises.

Qing has given me back my quality of life and my self-esteem. Qing 憇 personally and professionals was outstanding, her caring way and calming manner is truly amazing. Anyone on as much pain as I was I truly recommend.

Qing Thank you for what you have given me back- My quality of life.

Gail House

Bassett , Southampton

Bell Palsy

April 2004

After developing this condition I read that acupuncture was effective and so come to see Dr Qing, since West medicine essentially has to cure to offer. My palsy recovered almost completely in around 3 weeks, which is the minimum range for the condition. I found Dr Qing much more concerned and caring about my state of health than my GP, and took the trouble to outline what to expert and to reassure that progress would be made.

I found the acupuncture to be , no worse then uncomfortable at time, and an convinced that it helped to give me a speedy recovery.

I would thoroughly recommend beginning a course of treatment ASAP if you have developed this condition and I think you will find Dr Qing a caring and knowledgeable source of help treatment and advice.

Mark Benson   

Bishops Waltham


Polycyctic Ovaries, Breech baby , Position

When I was twenty four I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. I was only having one period every 18month and was told by a consultant that It would be very hard for the me to conceive naturally .
I went to see Qing Zhang ( about 1991) and after four treatment of acupuncture I had a period.
I continue to see Qing Zhang and my periods become regular.
I went on to have three children and they were all conceive naturally.
My third child is a breech position and I was told by my doctor that my baby could not be turned until 36 weeks, however I went to see Qing and the baby turned to the correct position by 25 weeks. I then went on to home delivery.
I would definitely recommend acupuncture as a nature way of balancing your body.

Jayne Lac


Qing Zhang, John Zhang,
I am writing to you both to say Thank you.
Eleven years ago I was told I have Multiple Sclerosis, this was a great shock to me as I'm a very active person.
I suffered a great deal of stress which made the condition worse, I tried so many different ways of keeping down my stress levels none of which seemed to work, not wanting to turn to conventional drugs I took into so many different alternatives one of which was your treatment
I tried your treatment for a short time to overcome stress, I returned to you when things start getting worse, after trying a few things recommended to me by the M/S society, a lot of what I tried left me felling very tired and somewhat lethargic.
Just after a few dys of receiving treatment from you I started felling fresher and I had and still have more energy, the sensation in the left side of my body is almost normal again.
I have recommended your treatment to the M/S society, understanding that the illness is never the same, and is up to the individual to decide what is best for them. I know without dout your treatment helps me in so many different ways.
Thank you both for return me to an almost normal life again, I will continue to receive and recommend your treatment to anyone who suffers with this condition.
Thank you both again,
May I wish you both great successes.
Yours gratefully
J H Beacall

Male infertility
June 2004

I came to Qing in October 2003 after suffering with excessive sweating which was contributing to a below average sperm count and making conception difficult. I started weekly acupuncture , which was very relaxing and not painful. Immediately I was more relaxed, cooler and stopped sweating excessively. I have now had a fresh sperm count and increased my sample from 18 million to 65 million!
Today I am a much calmer, cooler and healthier person, all thank to Qing. I would have no hesitation using or recommending acupuncture again, Thank you Qing!

Female infertility
January 2005
My husband and I had been trying to conceive for nearly four years without success. In 2004 we decide to take a course of IVF but we skeptical about the success rate , we however heard that acupuncture increased the chance of success so we decided to ask Qing for help. The acupuncture was relaxing and calmer me ready for the IVF, Qing were with us and even saw us on the morning or the final treatment. The IVF worked first time , and I have no doubt this is because of Qing, we don't know anybody else who has had a first time success without acupuncture.
Baby is now only 10 weeks away and all is progressing well with pregnancy
Qing and john are great and we are very appreciative of their help!
Thank you very much .
A .

The Powerful Effectiveness Of Chinese Medicinal Herbs

Due to a long -standing dental condition, I am prone to developing abscesses in my jaw and gums. These cause a great deal of pain and discomfort and make me feel very unwell.
In the past I have had antibiotics prescribed by my dentist to treat this condition. It usually took a week long course of the treatment to cure an abscess, and I would be regularly taking painkillers, and feeling uncomfortable for most of that time as well.
When I first consulted Qing about this, she prescribed a herbal preparation which banished the abscess within a day, leaving just a little tender ness which disappeared within one or two days. I had no need to take painkillers. I have to say that on the first occasion I thought I had just been very lucky; but since that time I have had recourse to the herbs several more times, and each time the condition has been cured within a day., or at most two days.
The comparison with the slow progress of the antibiotic treatment still amazes me, but I know now that proper course of action is take the herbal medicine as soon as the condition starts, and I can be certain that was a week long painful affliction will now trouble me for no more than a day.
I am profoundly grateful to Qing for her skill in dealing with this condition, and I cannot commend the herbal treatment highly enough.

John Cooke
24 01 05

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